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Choosing the best size for gift giving can be difficult, especially when it comes to wading gear. In waders, it is important to fit a person's height, width, and shoe size. Upper and lower body widths can differ often making it extra confusing to pick the right size for someone else's body.  Although providing body measurements is the most accurate way to decipher the correct size, obtaining measurements isn't always possible when gift giving.    

With a little bit of information, our size specialist can help you along this process. If you can do some closet investigating to gather size information, we can utilize standard clothing sizes to make recommendations for Miss Mayfly’s wading gear. 

To obtain a recommendation, collect the following information and email it to us at customerservices@missmayfly.com
or choose the contact us link located on our website. 
Note: Clothing sizes can vary between brands, so we recommend looking at a few pieces in the subjects’ wardrobe to assume an average size that best represents what the subject commonly wears. 
  • Pant size: For pant size choose a non-denim pant.
    • Providing the brand of pant will be helpful. Denim can be inconsistent in sizing norms. 
  • Shirt Size: For shirt size, look for blouses that contain a ‘numbered’ size.  
    • General sizes such as small, medium, large, are not as accurate. 
  • Shoe size: It is best to provide a women athletic shoe size.  
  • Height: Estimated height of the subject is critical to choosing the right wader size.  
  • Bra Size: Although not mandatory, a bra size would be helpful. 
  • Photo: Providing a recent full body photo, will also help us be more accurate. 


Size Assurance

In the event that the wader does not fit, we will be happy to provide size consultation and one complimentary size exchange. Our exchange policy will be extended 45 days to accommodate holiday gift giving, so long as the exchanged product is returned new and in the original packaging.  

Learn more about waders here

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  Gift Cards 

If you cannot provide size information, we have physical gift cards & e-gift cards available in various denominations on our website. 

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Wading Boots 

The women’s Moxie Wading Boot is designed to provide anglers with the rugged durability, ideal fit, and deluxe comfort and support they need on the water. As a wading brand created by and for women, we believe female anglers deserve an exceptional fishing experience with gear designed to fit and perform continuously.

Featuring neoprene ankle padding, perfectly shaped to provide heel stability coupled with full foam arch supports that together, give feet the support and pampering they need for an epic day on the water. A durable synthetic leather upper and molded toe guards mean anglers can confidently hustle through rocks and obstacles. A seriously grippy felt sole easily allows navigation on slick and unsteady river beds.

FIT: When choosing a size for wading boots, there is no need to size up with Miss Mayfly. We have already worked in the extra room needed to accommodate the neoprene booties. Order true to size, size up for half sizes or extra wide. Learn more about wading boots here. Shop Boots Here.


Tee Shirts 

Miss Mayfly Tee-shirts are a fan favorite and a great gift when paired with a hat or a fly box. Sizes are true to size unless otherwise noted in the description. 

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Pair up your Tee Shirt with a Miss Mayfly Hat, available in 3 colors.



Fly Boxes

Miss Mayfly has several fly box styles that would delight any angler. Choose our foam floating fly boxes, double and single sided boxes, and one of our new box styles to be released in time for Black Friday shopping. 

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New Products!

  • New Fly Boxes
  • Daiichi Hook Multipack Sets
  • Wasatch Fly Tying Tools
  • Assortment of New Fly Boxes including the NEW Wynd Box
  • Gear Keeper Zingers

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