SHOP Dog US Army Collection

SHOP Dog US Army Collection

 Innovative Fit & Best Booties 

At last! Waders tailored to fit your height, width & foot- All at once! From slim to supreme, petite to tall, and a bootie that adjusts within 1" to the length of your foot, we've got your size- and if we don't, we'll make it custom!

Miss Mayfly Tough

Experience the freedom of movement with our flexible “Polyflex” fabric. It minimizes resistance, reducing the risk of seam stress, tears, and abrasions.

Breathable, Comfort & Strength

Who says tough can't be comfy? Our Polyflex fabric is designed to flex and accommodate a woman's curves. It offers superior comfort, breathability and ease of movement, while maintaining the strength that holds up to the toughest of terrains.

Don't take our word for it


“I’m in Alaska right now with my Miss Mayfly Women's Chest waders...hands down BEST fitting, super soft and extremely comfortable waders I have ever owned! And I have owned MANY! I am a very curvy girl and these fit AMAZING! Extra room in the right spots, and still gives you that hourglass figure look! The wading belt is epic! It’s elastic and falls on the hips perfect! By far the best women’s waders I have ever tried, owned or looked at!"


South Dakota


“I Love Miss Mayfly waders! After endless searching for a pair of women’s waders I found these and I’m so happy that I did. Perfect fit and wonderful material, breathable and durable. Have fished in frigid temps and hiked through some brush and rocks with no issues”.

Amber Marie



Thank you for thinking of me and for all the woman in that in between size. I know how hard you are working to provide this line of gear for women and truly appreciate all you have done.

Luann Klima



Love my Waders! Used my Miss Mayfly waders while scalloping on the bay side of Nantucket today. It was pouring and we went in when the waves kicked up because the wind increased in velocity.

I also enjoy bass fishing and use my waders while surf casting as well here on Nantucket at dawn or dusk. I hope you will promote the fact that the waders are for activities other fly fishing.

It was pouring while were out there but it will all be worth it come dinner!

Author name

Los Angeles, CA


Slippery rocks, trail walking, and log climbing were no challenge for these boots. I’m a convert, that’s for sure.

Oh, and sizing was so easy. No need to fret over how big to get them to fit wader booties in - that’s already done. I wear an 8.5 women’s shoe, so I ordered a 9 and they are great.

Thanks for designing a boot that is sized, fitted and designed for women! We deserve it.

Penny Mabie

Washington State