Meet The Team


Kim Ranalla CEO Benberly Unlimited LLC and owner of the Miss Mayfly brand

Kim is the owner, creator, and designer of the Miss Mayfly Brand. "I have spent several years bringing life to the Miss Mayfly product vision and women's fishing initiatives. It is our mission to provide women with products that meet their needs in performance, comfort, style and fit, as well as programs, education and support to grow the women's fishing demographic".

Jess Sirney, Miss Mayfly Educational Director

Jess Sirney is a vesting partner in Miss Mayfly and is dedicating herself to the education and support of women anglers. As a Licensed Fishing Skill Instructor, Jess is heading our educational classes, content and women's initiatives to help and support all women anglers. "My life long dream is to earn my living in the fishing industry. I wholeheartedly believe in Miss Mayfly's vision and mission. I look forward to a successful future with the company and all the great work we will accomplish".

Amanda Shirey, Safety and Compliance Officer

Amanda is a vesting partner with Miss Mayfly and has dedicated herself to the safety aspects of our product design, events and classes. " I make sure Miss Mayfly meets state and federal laws and guidelines and that our business and products stay in compliance. "It is imperative to make sure our consumers, team members and event attendees are kept safe and we meet the highest standards of quality".
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Harmony Rowley, Social Media Marketing Director

Harmony is a vesting partner in Miss Mayfly and manages our social media pages. She is very good at connecting and engaging with women anglers. It is our goal to creating a judgement free zone where women can just be themselves and connect with each other. "Marketing for me isn't just about selling our products, it's about forming bonds and building a network of like-minded ladies".