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  • ¼ OZ. TUBE
  • UV Adhesive for Instant Wader Repairs
  • Repairs small holes and tears in waders, wetsuits, rain gear, and inflatable rafts, kayaks, and float tubes
  • Coats fly lines
  • Cements fly heads
  • Seals small leaks in tents and inflatable mattresses


When gear fails in the outdoors, use Aquaseal UV. This quick curing adhesive dries instantly when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light. This small, but mighty 0.25 oz of adhesive even works under cloudy skies. As a multipurpose formula, it’s ideal for all types of drysuit or wader repair – bonding directly to neoprene, nylon and breathable-waterproof fabrics. It’s also a useful adhesive for coating fly line knots, or as head cement for fly tying. For fast, stress-free field repairs, reach for Aquaseal UV.

  • Instant & Fast – Dries in seconds when exposed to the sun or UV light
  • Flexible – Glue cures to a seal that flexes with neoprene and other elastic gear
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal to keep moisture out that won’t peel or crack over time
  • Abrasion Resistant – Make long-lasting repairs that can withstand scrapes and scratches
  • Dries Clear – Make barely noticeable repairs so waterproof gear keeps performing and looking good


  • Material: acrylic-based, solvent-free
  • Size: 0.25 oz
  • Color: clear
  • Adheres To: neoprene, nylon, polyester, GORE-TEX fabric
  • Cure Time: under 30 seconds with UV light
  • Cure Method: UV light
  • Application Temperature: 28° F to 120° F
  • Use Temperature: -20° F to 150° F
  • Storage: store in cool, dry place
  • Made in USA


For small tears and pinholes on waders and outdoor gear. PREP: Apply to clean, dry surfaces. Clean surfaces with isopropyl alcohol to remove surface residue. Roughen smooth surfaces with sandpaper.

APPLY: Apply Aquaseal UV in a fully shaded or covered area away from any sunlight. For best adhesion apply with pressure using needle nose or disposable stick to work AQUASEAL UV into material. Overlap damaged area by at least 1⁄4” (5mm). Replace cap immediately.

CURE: After application, immediately expose item to sunlight. All repairs must be exposed to sunlight outdoors. Cures in approx. 30 sec. May take longer when cloudy. Thick repairs will take approx. 45 sec. to cure.

NOTE: Glass will block UV rays needed for proper curing. For permanent repairs use Aquaseal FD Flexible Durable Adhesive.

Special Notes

Do not apply to skin or to waders (or other items) while they are being worn. If adhesive accidentally gets on skin, remove before exposing skin to sunlight. The adhesive must be exposed to UV light in order to cure. You cannot bond two fabrics using this adhesive. For pinhole repairs only. For permanent repairs, we recommend Aquaseal FD.


Seam Grip WP, Aquaseal FD, and Aquaseal SR are moisture-cure adhesives. As soon as you open the tube and expose the adhesive to the moisture in the air, the countdown begins. Unfortunately, you are unable to stop the curing process, but you can slow it down by storing the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. We recommend storing our adhesives as follows. Advance the contents to the tube neck to remove any air that may be trapped in the tube. Next, wipe the tube threads clean to prevent the cap from sticking. Cap tightly. Place the adhesive in a plastic zip-lock bag. Store the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. When ready to use, run the tube under warm water for about a minute. While this will not stop the adhesive from curing, it will help slow things down. We give an unopened tube of adhesive a four-year shelf life. The "born-on" date will be crimped into the bottom of the tube. The adhesive is typically good for four years past that date.

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