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Aquaseal + FD REPAIR Kit

Aquaseal + FD REPAIR Kit

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Need to make a quick repair? Use the Aquaseal FD Repair Kit to permanently fix torn waders, seal a drysuit leak, or patch an inflatable. A trusted patch kit that packs away in a lightweight container, it’s compact and ideal for fixing all types of neoprene, vinyl, nylon, and GORE-TEX® fabric items. The kit includes the necessary tools to make a permanent repair at home or a quick repair in the field, including: Aquaseal FD adhesive (0.75 oz), two 3” Tenacious Tape round patches, a brush and instructions.
  • Durable – Tough urethane repair adhesive bonds permanently to surfaces and dries clear
  • Flexible – Cures to a flexible rubber that bends with neoprene and other fabrics
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time
  • Abrasion Resistant– Keeps gear looking good by withstanding scrapes and scratches
  • All-Purpose – Adhesive bonds permanently to neoprene, rubber, nylon, vinyl, canvas and waterproof-breathable fabrics


!  California WARNING: Using this product will expose you to toluene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Adhesive Material: thermoset urethane
  • Adhesive Size: 0.75 oz
  • Color: clear
  • Adheres To: neoprene, rubber, nylon, GORE-TEX fabric, canvas, vinyl/PVC
  • Cure Time: 8-12 hours (2 hours with cure accelerator)
  • Application Temperature: 60° to 100°F (above 40% relative humidity)
  • Use Temperature: -20° to 180°F
  • Tape Material: PVC and nylon
  • Tape Size and Colors: two 3” clear and black

Aquaseal FD Repair Kit Instructions

The Aquaseal FD Repair Kit includes:

  • One ¼ oz. tube of adhesive
  • Two (2) Tenacious Tape patches (1 clear and 1 black)
  • One applicator brush

You can make repairs with just the adhesive or just a patch. There are only a couple of instances where you will use them in conjunction with one another.

Take the case of a sleeping pad. We recommend that you:

  1. Deflate the sleeping pad
  2. Clean the repair area with isopropyl alcohol
  3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to cover the hole and allow 8-12 hours to cure.

Once cured the pad will be good to go. Our adhesives are permanent, flexible, and completely waterproof, so applying the adhesive is typically all that is needed to complete the repair. In this case, the patch would not be necessary.

The only time you will use the patch in conjunction with the adhesive is when you need to make a quick fix in the field. Let's use our sleeping pad example again. This time, let's say you're out camping and you poke a hole in your sleeping pad. Typically, you will not have 8-12 hours to allow the adhesive to cure. In that case, follow the three steps above, then cover the adhesive with a Tenacious Tape patch. Ensure the Tenacious Tape adheres directly to the sleeping pad fabric. The patch should hold the repair as the adhesive cures and allow you to use the item right away.

The only other time you will use a patch is if you need to create a dam or backing. For example, if you burn a quarter-sized hole in your waders. Flip the waders inside out, apply the patch over the hole on the inside of the waders, flip the waders back out and then paint a thin layer of adhesive over the hole on the outside of the waders.

How to Store Adhesives and Prevent Hardening in Tube

Seam Grip WP, Aquaseal FD, and Aquaseal SR are moisture-cure adhesives. As soon as you open the tube and expose the adhesive to the moisture in the air, the countdown begins. Unfortunately, you are unable to stop the curing process, but you can slow it down by storing the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. We recommend storing our adhesives as follows.

Advance the contents to the tube neck to remove any air that may be trapped in the tube. Next, wipe the tube threads clean to prevent the cap from sticking. Cap tightly. Place the adhesive in a plastic zip-lock bag. Store the adhesive in a dry environment like your freezer. When ready to use, run the tube under warm water for about a minute.

While this will not stop the adhesive from curing, it will help slow things down. 

We give an unopened tube of adhesive a four-year shelf life. The "born-on" date will be crimped into the bottom of the tube. The adhesive is typically good for four years past that date.

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The wording can be changed as necessary, as long as it communicates that the chemical in question is known to the state to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.