Wader Sizing and Features

Pre-Order Only Details

Miss Mayfly Breathable Chest Waders are now available for pre-order and require a $100 deposit. The remaining balance plus shipping and taxes will be due before shipment of your order. Waders will arrive in 4-6 weeks. For details, please read the terms and agreement located in the payment processing page.

How To Take Your Sizing Measurements

Measurement Directions:
When taking measurements, wrap the tape around while your muscles are in a relaxed state, without pulling tightly or tugging, but without gaps- Do not hold in tummy when measuring.
The bust measurement is taken around the fullest part of bust- It is NOT your bra size.
The Waist measurement is taken around the natural waist, which is usually located just above your navel
The Hip measurement is a seat measurement and is take around the hip/thigh joint area. It should wrap around the fullest part of your rear. It is not taken at the high hip/top of hip bone area.
Upper Thigh:
This measurement is taken around the fullest part of thigh, usually about one inch down from crotch.
Inseam is taken from crotch intersection all the way down to the floor.
Problem Areas:
If you have any areas which are problematic for fitting (example: large calve's or wide hips), please measure that area and contact our customer service. We will be able to help you find the best size to suit you.