Women's Gear Guide by Miss Mayfly®: Properly Fitting Wading Boots

Women's Gear Guide by Miss Mayfly®: Properly Fitting Wading Boots

Why should I wear a boot made specifically for wading?  A wading boot provides foot stability and protection in slippery waters and is designed to be worn with waders that have a waterproof neoprene bootie. However, they may also be worn with wading socks. Wading boots are made of durable materials that resist water absorption and provide the extra space needed to fit a neoprene bootie.

Consequently, it is important to note that while the outside materials are water resistant, water will still enter inside the boot cavity once submerged. Wading boots utilize vent systems that enable water to drain quickly , so although the boot itself does get wet, the neoprene bootie or wading sock will keep your feet nice and dry.

Okay, so how do I know I have the right fit? Wearing a properly fitting wading boot cannot be underestimated. A wading boot fit should fit and feel differently than your standard shoes- it should provide a firm-feeling fit.

If your boot is too loose, you may experience a loss of balance which will increase your chance of falling. If your foot is sliding forward & back, side to side or up and down at the heel- it's too loose.  This can quickly cause not only instability, but it could cause degeneration and damage to your neoprene bootie.

A proper fit = minimal movement inside the boot.

On the contrary, if your boot is too tight, it can reduce circulation which is not only uncomfortable for your feet, but can also affect temperature regulation.  

Ideally, the toe should reach the tip if the boot, the heel should rest securely in the heel cradle and there should not be extra space between your foot and the top or 'roof' of your boot.

Ultimately, a poor fitting boot is only a recipe for discomfort during those long days spent wading streams.


Case Study

Recently, a loyal customer requested an exchange in size, stating that her boot was too tight and her toes were pressed into the tip of boot. She typically wore a size 6.5 standard shoe and had purchased a size 7 in the Miss Mayfly® Moxie Wading Boot.
She thought it felt okay with thin socks, but the boot was too tight when she put on thick socks.
After walking through proper fit with the customer and describing how the materials will expand in the water- the customer was encouraged to give the boots a try and wear them into the water.
Upon doing just that, the customer reported excitedly that not only did the boot expand and provide her a perfectly performing fit- but, it was the most comfortable boot she had ever waded in.


Why should I wear socks, when I have neoprene booties?  While your wading boot is created with extra space for the neoprene bootie, insulated socks are always recommended regardless of temperature. The socks are worn inside your neoprene bootie and will provide temperature regulation while also filling any empty spaces that the width and shape of your foot may create. Wearing socks allows you to alter your temperature insulation needs and the fit of your boot just by adjusting their thickness.

What are some tips to remember when lacing my boot? The most important point for boot stability is the angle from the heel to the top of the ankle bend- as shown in the following illustration:


boot fit illustration
  • Pay extra attention to tighten your laces at this key point, shown in the illustration, to ensure that the boot provides its full extent of stability. 
  • Double down your loop ends after tying. Take the two loops and pull them over the shoelace hooks (on top of the previously hooked lace), pull the two tag ends tight and tuck them into neck of boot. This will prevent your laces from loosening throughout the day.



Common Mistakes:
  • Wearing boots that are too big.
    • Why?  People are used to a loose, comfortable fit in their everyday shoes. Their common initial reaction when putting on the right size wading boot is that it’s too tight.
  • Sizing up to make room for neoprene booties.
    • Most brands have already accounted for this difference in their sizing. Always check with the manufacturer for sizing instructions as these size adjustments may vary across brands.


What is the Miss Mayfly® Difference?

Miss Mayfly® Moxie Wading Boots have been specifically designed to fit a woman's foot- and are not just men's or unisex boots with a converted size label. Women often face cramping and swelling due to hormone cycles, age or health conditions, making stability and comfort of the utmost importance in boot performance. 

And... just as our bodies are different, our feet are too.

That's why we took over a year to perfect the MOXIE boot- creating multiple prototypes to ensure proper boot height and ankle ratios, precisely tapered ankle padding, and a cushioned insole support that will provide each customer superior comfort, advanced stability and a fit that is unmatched by other brands.

In the women's fishing world, Miss Mayfly® has led the industry in the development of innovative product and sizing solutions for women.

Why? because we are anglers just. like. you.

We know you, we hear you and we are committed to continuing to provide product solutions that meet your specific needs as female anglers.

We have had your back for the last four years, and now we have your feet too!

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