Miss Mayfly - Changing The Fishing Industry Standards For Women Across The World!

Miss Mayfly is the worlds first line of fishing attire and gear made exclusively for women. Miss Mayfly's mission is to raise the fishing industry standards for women across the world, by solving many of the gear design problems that women face. Our products are based on innovative sizing, feminine style and functionality that is designed to work with a woman's curves.

The starting line includes color-coordinating waders, wading boots, sling packs, waist packs, athletic shirts, and various small items. Currently, only the Women's Breathable Chest Waders and promotional shirts are available for purchase. We are working very hard to produce the other products and have them available to you, as quickly as we can. In 2019 Miss Mayfly is increasing our options to a total of 12 sizes, available in 4 body types and will be able to appropriately fit more women anglers than any one ever has before- including plus sizes .