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Fishing & Wading Gear Designed to Fit All of You, All at Once.

Empowering anglers of all shapes and sizes, we provide fit-focused fishing and wading gear designed to achieve unmatched performance in the outdoors.

"At Miss Mayfly, we strive to provide the best in fit, comfort and stability while ensuring the ultimate strength and durability of our products. Driven by a passion for inclusivity, Miss Mayfly has made significant strides in making fly fishing more accessible to all. Yet, this is just the beginning of our journey. With an unwavering commitment to our mission, we aspire to continue breaking barriers, fostering inclusivity, and transforming the future of fly fishing".

-Kimberly Ranalla, Miss Mayfly Founder

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I was so excited to have my Mids Mayfly wading pants delivered today! THEY FIT!!!I wear a size 10 - 11 in shoes, and I had plenty of space for my toes in the footie sock. I can sit in them and still breathe. The crotch doesn't hand down to my knees like I've had happen with other brands. They fit around my 19+" calves. I am over the moon thrilled about having gear that truly fits. The size chart is pretty on point with measurements and the spacing you will have.Thank you Miss Mayfly for making something for ALL the ladies!! I cannot wait to get out in the river and test these pants out

Holly T. Rushing

Facebook Review


The individual customer care. They worked and worked with me to get the pair of waders “just right” for me.The speed of communication! Whether by email or phone this company is spot on!The comfort of the waders and the ease of cleaning them after use!!!

Jamie Brehm

Facebook Review


Not only is this brand SUPER inclusive to all body types, but the customer service of this team is unrivaled. Unfortunately due to my calf size, I couldn't purchase this go around; but I will continue to check on any expansion is sizing.. The true definition of girl power; I love the concept so much and can't wait to see the new releases in March!

Dominique Brown

Facebook Review


I LOVE my Miss Mayfly waders! They are very comfortable and the fit is perfect! I’m a petite woman, and finding something my size was a difficult. No more struggling with too-large booties that cramp my feet in my boots, no more boxy men’s waders with straps that touch the floor, no more searching for the perfect pair or waders, I have found them!

Jaclyn Fitzgerald

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I am ecstatic! Finally chest waders that fit ME! Miss Mayfly's are designed by women for womenl. They thoroughly understand that some women have hips and thighs. Up to this point, us women have had to buy men's waders that are WAY too long in the legs and feet. These waders are so comfortable and roomy enough that I can put layers on for winter fishing and not feel like a stuffed sausage! Thank you Miss Mayfly for recognizing this frustration and for creating these! Can't wait to get them wet! Thank you also for shipping my replacement pair that fit perfectly in time for me to take them on our fishing excursion. Kim, you've been fabulous to work with!! Can't sing your praises loud enough!!!

Cindy Holmes

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