Shipping Policy

Domestic Shipping

1. Shipping Fees

1a. Flat Rate Shipping: Miss Mayfly charges flat rate prices when shipping to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

1b. Shipping Fees

We aim to deliver your products swiftly and efficiently, and our rate system is designed to offer the best possible rates. Please note the following about our shipping policy:

  • Some of our curated products may include additional shipping fees.
  • These products may ship from separate locations.
  • Shipping fees are calculated based on the total value of your order.

Example 1- If your order total is $89, and you purchase one Mayfly Product and one Pet Product, your shipping would be calculated as follows:

  • Mayfly Product Shipping: $10.50
  • Pet Product Shipping: $5.00
  • Total Shipping Cost: $15.50

Example 2- Order total of $300 containing one Mayfly Product & 1 Voited Product:

  • Mayfly Product Shipping: $15.50
  • Voited Product Shipping: $Free  
  • Total Shipping Cost: $15.50

Example 3- Order total $110 containing one Pet Product & Anglers Coffee Product:

  • Pet Product Shipping: $3.00
  • Anglers Coffee Product Shipping: $4.00
  • Total Shipping Cost: $7.00

Please note that these are example rates and the actual shipping cost will be calculated at checkout based on the products in your cart.

1c. Expedited Shipping: Please contact us directly with any special shipping needs.

2. Fulfillment Locations

2a. New York: East coast and orders containing boots or accessory items, ship by 11am, next business day.

2b. Missouri: Shipments containing only MW200 Chest Waders, may be shipped from Missouri when quicker ship times and rates are available. Order from this location ship by 4pm, next business day,

3. Carriers 

3a. We ship with the following carriers:

  •        USPS
  •        UPS
  •        DHL

Shipping Method: Miss Mayfly selects the optimal carrier and method for prompt delivery. We may use cost-effective methods like ground shipping when they provide similar or better delivery times.

    4. Lost Packages

    4a. Tracking: Customers receive order and tracking info via email after placing an order. This info can also be accessed by logging into your Miss Mayfly account. If you encounter issues with tracking or if your package doesn’t arrive within the expected time, please submit an “Orders & Shipping Help” request through the “Customer Care Center” dashboard.

    4b. Carrier Responsibility: Once the package is received by the carrier, it is no longer in our control. If the tracking fails to reveal the status of a package, you should contact the carrier to investigate.

    4c. Package Theft: In the case of suspected theft, this falls under criminal activity and should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Miss Mayfly does not replace lost or stolen packages, please contact the carrier to file a claim.

    5. Warranty, Return & Exchange Shipping Policies

    5a. Review Policy: To review Miss Mayfly's warranty, returns and exchange shipping policies, please go to "Warranty, Return & Exchange Policies" page. 

    5b. Avoiding Unnecessary Shipping Fees: Shipping fees can be costly; we recommend that you consult with our staff to help you choose the right size. Taking accurate measurements is necessary to make sure the wader will fit correctly. To request a sizing consultation, please go to our "Customer Care Center" dashboard. 

    International Shipping 

    6. International Policy: Miss Mayfly is happy to ship our products to you internationally. However, the following shipping policies differ from our domestic shipping policies. 

    6a. Duties, Taxes and Fees: For international orders, please note that duties and taxes will be added to your total at checkout. If there are any additional costs, customers are responsible for all duty, taxes, and fees associated with both outgoing and returned products.


    When an item is repaired and returned to the U.S., it should be classified under HS code 9802.001. Specifically, use 9802.00.40 for warranty repairs or alterations, and 9802.00.50 for non-warranty shipments.

    6b. Returns & Exchange Shipping: Regrettably, we don’t offer "free" exchange shipping for international customers. We recommend consulting with our customer service to ensure correct sizing before ordering. For details on Miss Mayfly’s warranty, returns, and exchange shipping policies, please visit the “Warranty, Return & Exchange Policies” page.

    6c. Shipping Quotes & Orders: Some international customers can process their orders directly through our website. If you encounter issues with your order, please submit an “Orders & Shipping” request via the “Customer Care Center” dashboard. For additional assistance, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

    6d. Europe Distribution: Customers in Europe may benefit from ordering through our European distributor. Please see our "Retailer & Affiliate" page for contact. 

    Holiday Return Policy

    Purchases made between October 15 and December 23 may be returned or exchanged until January 23, 2024, providing extra time to make sure your gift is perfect!

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