Is Miss Mayfly true to size?

Yes, however Miss Mayfly has developed our own "Reel Fit" system of sizing. Our system is nothing like any other brand's sizing, so first, forget everything you ever knew or experienced with waders before and start new with Miss Mayfly. You cannot go by your favorite pair of pants size. You cannot go by your last wader brand size. Mayfly is different- that's why we fit. It is very important to take your measurements as directed by our sizing guide. We know it is extensive, however it will lead you to the right size if you follow it. 

The sizing guide shows that I have two size options. Which one do I choose?

Often there will be two size options. You should choose the one that aligns best with your fit preference. If width is most important, side with that, even if the wader might be a little long or the bootie, a little big. Or side with length and bootie fit if that is the most important to you. If you have trouble choosing, we are here to help- fill out a size consultation form on our customer service help desk. 

I fall between two sizes, which one will fit best?

In this situation, we recommend double checking that your measurements are accurate. If you still fall in the middle, please fill out a sizing consult ticket located on our customer service help desk- We are here to help you!

Will the bootie fit?

Miss mayfly has the BEST fitting booties in the market! 

Please see the bootie size range on our sizing chart. If it says they will fit- they will. Wide Feet? No worries, our booties scale in width per each body type. Width is almost never an issue.

Mayfly's booties adjust up to one inch in length, at the heel, without creating excess bunches of bulk around the ankle. If it is a little long, just give it a tug back at the heal so that your toes are in the front of the bootie. If it is a little snug, give it a tug forward at the toe, enabling the heel length to expand. After a couple uses, the bootie will form memory and adjust to your foot automatically. You can also experiment with different sock thicknesses to customize the fit even more.

Will the bootie fit effect my wading boot size?

You should choose booties that fit your feet. Likewise, you should choose wading boots that fit your feet. Although different brands have different wading boot sizing standards, Miss Mayfly has removed this confusion and created our booties and wading boots to fit in line with standard women's US shoe sizes. Please see wading boot FAQ  or our wading boot blog for more information. 

Most of the wader measurements match, except one, will it still fit?

Our chart measurements are taken across one point around the wader. How it fits depends on how that point aligns along the length of your body. Obviously height and proportions can create some variable differences that are specific to you. In general if most of the measurements fit but the size is a little slimmer or looser in one area, the wader will likely still fit. We are happy to consult with you if you are not sure. 

Will the calf fit?

Miss Mayfly waders have the most generous calf and bootie seam widths of any brand. Unfortunately, wader seaming machines are limited in circumference capability. In addition, the calf has to perfectly taper into the width of the bootie, creating limits to widths. Mayfly has pushed the machine and design tapers to the limit. It is rare that our calves do not fit but for those who face this challenge, we do offer custom waders that allow for the bootie glue seam to be hand stretched. 


What is a breathable waterproof fabric?

Breathable fabrics generally are made up of several layers which are laminated together to enable the wader to perform as desired. Since its invention, the technology has become the standard and has earned labels from many brands. The quality and the performance of the fabric is determined by the customized specifications of the layers.

A breathable waterproof fabric contains the following layers:

  1. A face fabric (the outer fabric). The outer fabric is not waterproof and requires a DWR (durable water repellant) coating to repel water. The DWR wears off in time and requires maintenance to help retain water repellence.
  2. The layer that is responsible for the waterproof and breathable performance of the fabric, is a very thin layer of PTFE positioned between the inner and outer layers. The PTFE layer's micro pores prevent larger water molecules from entering, while allowing the smaller vapor molecules to pass through.
  3. The inner liner protects the PTFE layer and also provides comfort against the skin. 
  4. Some fabrics have an extra layer on the inside to create a softer feel against the skin.
  5. Some fabrics may have a 2nd layer of PTFE in the center to provide more strength to the breathable layer. 

Although a breathable waterproof fabrics require a minimum of three layers, some fabrics might add extra layers to meet a specific performance need. However, adding additional layers often results in a heavier and stiff fabric. Customizing these layers to balance the thickness, weight, function and comfort is necessary to achieve ultimate performance for the intended user. 

What type of fabric does Miss Mayfly use?

 Miss Mayfly’s smooth laying fabric creates a flattering and comfortable fit while optimizing performance. Suitable for most temperatures and conditions- with appropriate under-layers.   

"Flex-ProForm" our proprietary breathable, waterproof laminate fabric is specifically made to be flexible to provide the least amount of resistance to a woman's curves and movements.

  • Barrier Layer: High gauge reinforced 100% polyester knit face fabric provides flexibility and suppleness while maintaining durability.
  • Breathable Membrane: Moisture-permeable membrane provides superior breathability while keeping you dry and comfortable. 
  • Interior Layer: Highest Quality 100% Nylon tricot liner, with an extra comfort layer, provides flexible strength with an incredibly soft feel against the skin.

Plush 4mm High Density Neoprene Booties

  • Optimal thickness for temperature insulation  
  • Coated for comfort 
  • Glued, Blind stitched and seam sealed 

Performance Effect: Flex-ProForm significantly reduces the stress on wader seams that often causes seam "blow outs". Flex-ProForm provides an increased performance experience and a more durable wader, especially for fuller bodied women.

Fit Effect: Unlike other heavy fabrics that often result in stiff rolls, our Flex-ProForm has a supple feel that lays smoothly along the body, even if the fit creates some loose fabric. So even if the fit isn't perfect, it is still comfortable and generally flattering.

Comfort Effect: Flex-ProForm contains an extra comfort layer that provides a silky feel against the skin, increasing comfort and dryness against the skin.  

    What is Chameleon Color Technology?

    Miss Mayfly's Chameleon color is made up of several color tones allowing it to adapt to colors in the environment, similar to how an iridescent fabric reflects different tones. The fabric color is green, however it can pull tones of green, grey, gold and beige depending on the light and colors surrounding the wader. Because of this, the color can look different in photo's than in person and looks brighter under blue lights. However, in the water, it seemingly melts and disappears. In the fall, the color will look golden like the leaves, providing camouflage qualities without the campo print. 

    Why Green?

    We often think we need to wear colors of beige, brown and gray because they are the colors we see when we look "down" into water beds. However, trout are not looking down, they are looking up, and the most common color that they would see are the colors of the brush, trees and sky that lie in their field of vision. The color green and the camouflage nature of the fabric is fantastic for stealth, but there is a bit more behind the choice- Green is the color that trout see the least. In fact, if an angler wanted to be stealth, the last thing we would want to do is wear the colors of common trout predators; brown, beige, black and gray. 


    Will I get wet if I fall?

    Our Moxie Wading pants have a secure, padded high waist band with a buckle cinching system in the back. The waist system blocks out water very well, even better than the typical chest wader wading belt. Usually water does not enter the wader in the event of submersion. You may get a little of water in the center back causing dampness, but if the wader is cinched, it resists water very well. In the event of a fall, your shirt will become wet, we suggest packing an extra shirt and jacket.

    What water depth can I wear the pant in?

    We recommend wearing pants in waters that are crotch height or lower, although they can be worn to briefly cross waters that reach the mid pelvis area. We would like to remind you that the deeper the water, the more buoyant you become and the more risky wading is. For safety, we recommend wading below thigh depths regardless of the wader worn.

    Will the pant waist restrict bending?

    Due to the firm high waist system, it would be hard to bend and sit if the buckles locked in the waist width. For this reason, we have created the cinching buckle system to automatically lift and loosen when bending our sitting. Although the buckles lock in place when upright, the auto-loosen feature prevents the system from restricting movements. The buckles may need to be quickly retightened after they loosen to accommodate movement. 

    Is the pant only for summer use?

    No, the pant is fabulous for all seasons. In fact, we find it incredible to wear in winter seasons as it does not limit the thickness of layers worn. It feels wonderful to not have thick winter layers stuffed into a chest wader. 

    What are the benefits of the pant wader?

    The pant wader is likely the most comfortable wader made. It has no upper body to confine or restrict movement. It almost feels as if you are fishing in your pajamas. The pant makes gearing up and down a breeze, taking only about 8-12 seconds to put on. Our favorite benefit occurs when taking it off- during bathroom breaks. The pant is just easy. 

    Should I wear the same size pant as the chest wader?

    In most cases, yes. The waist system does have slightly different measurement ranges than in the chest wader, but otherwise the fit is the same. If you have had to choose a larger size in a chest wader to accommodate a fuller bust, you will be able to choose a smaller size in the pant as you would only need to accommodate your waist downward.