Ambassador Feature: Celebrating Circe Tsui

Ambassador Feature: Celebrating Circe Tsui



Miss Mayfly is honored to have a strong team of ambassadors to represent our brand values. Each ambassador is vastly different, yet their values cohesively embrace our mission to break down barriers and solve the gear challenges that many women face as anglers. Today we focus one very special ambassador, the incredible Circe Tsui.

Circe first became a serious fly angler about 11 years ago after completing her masters degree in health informatics. She states that she had extra time and wanted a new hobby after she graduated, even though her job position as an IT Associate Director sounds pretty time intensive to me.

When she is not fishing,  Circe manages a team of engineers that develop and maintain IT systems for health sciences research.

Can I hear a "wow"? 

She finds the outdoors to be peaceful and enjoys the challenges that fishing presents. 

She reflected, "Fishing helps me through difficult and stressful times in life. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to get a fish to respond and take what I am casting to them". Adding that she also appreciates and connects closely to the communities of female anglers and the many friendships that have developed from their like-interests. 

Circe fishes both freshwater and salt water. Her preferred style of freshwater fishing is Euro-nymphing which is a very effective style for her.

On a personal note, I must admit that I believe Circe is one of the best female freshwater

anglers that I know. She is just one of those people who can toss in a line, swing into a drift and bam- fish on...over and over again.

Circe has even won a a few competitions.

After winning first place, two years in a row, in the amateur's division of the Casting Carolinas Tournament, she was moved to the Pro division where she won 3rd place while competing against some highly regarded anglers.

Good news for the 2022 Casting Carolinas competitors: This year Circe decided to just go camping with her husband of 15 years and didn't compete. (It was a relief to some-  I am sure.)

When fishing salt, Circe loves fishing for Permit. Circe's favorite saltwater is in Belize where she  recently purchased a second home on the island.  Now she's able to to fish there more often.

With so much salt experience, Circe has plenty of knowledge to share though her educational mentoring. Check out this video presentation:

And if she hasn't impressed you yet, Circe also has a long list of volunteer work and contributions to others:

  • FFI Georgia Women's Fly Fishers: Program Coordinator
  • All Kids Fish: Mentor and Guide
  • Becoming an Outdoor Woman Georgia: Fly Fishing Educator and Mentor
  • Miss Mayfly Ambassador - Senior Brand Value Representative

When I asked her what she likes most about Miss Mayfly she immediately stated, "The mission! The mission and work to help remove barriers so women can participate in the outdoors. The mission for women to have access to gear that fits and improves their performance- this is what I love most."

And that is why we love her as well. 

Thank you Circe. For everything that you are and all that you do for Miss Mayfly & for other women...we thank you. 

Follow Circe on Instagram  @Playingoutdoors_atl







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