Under $25 Products for Fishing Fanatics

Under $25 Products for Fishing Fanatics
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Mayfly Shirt & Hat

Perfect additions for your favorite Miss Mayfly Fan!


Mayfly On The Fly- Fly Rod Holder

A simple, compact Fly Rod & Reel Holder that attaches to any vehicle and is multi-functional. Perfect devise to hold rods on top of vehicles when fishing spot-to-spot- or to keep rod safe while gearing up. Brand new on the market, this simple, compact Fly Rod & Reel Holder attaches to any vehicle and is multi-functional. 


HatEyes Flip Down Magnifier

Here is a rugged flip-down style magnifier that clips to the brim of a cap, hat or sun visor. For use in tying on tippets, flies or for other near vision uses.

Wynd Tackle Bynder Fly Box

The Bynder is the box that holds it all. Easily removable center Rig Card allows for tangle-free storage of pre-rigged flies and tippet. Effortlessly swap out and store multiple fly rigs as fishing conditions change or you break off....ugh. This system puts you only one knot away from getting back in the water.


Reel Thread Socks

Unisex socks made to tailor all fishermen and fisherwomen. Reel Threads designs have been individually hand painted. 




Mayfly Floating Foam Fly Box in Sunrise Print

This printed lycra boasts custom artwork of a female angler casting in the sunrise, by Artist Andrej Krysov. Also available in Mayfly Logo print. 


Brook Silicone Vest Patch

Looking for a fly box or fly patch that you won’t have to replace in a season or two? Look no further than Brook. Made in the USA and made to last. 


Water Baby 8 Compartment Fly Box

A great water-resistant deluxe folding box. Flip-up compartments for small flies. Compartment sections are removable. Also available in Navy 14 Compartment Box.

Mountain River Tippet Carrier

Easy-to-use horizontal tippet carrier - simply twist and pull to open, snap closed. Fits 6-7 spools of tippet material. Trout print fly chamois and foam fly roll included.


Hook Multipacks by Daiichi, Hook Size Assortment

Four compartment reusable hook box with individual flip lids containing four of the most popular Daiichi® sizes. Available in several hook styles. For each size there are 10 hooks. 

The Fly Coop Waterproof Magnetic Fly Boxes

These slim profile boxes is an excellent option for storing hooks, or for use as a fly box for flies too small for storage in slit foam. The magnetic base keeps flies in place while preventing movement within the box or spilling while selecting your fly. 4 Styles, available in plain or Logo versions.  

Deluxe Folding Fly Box- 10 Compartment

These are our hottest selling boxes. They are made from thick, opaque polypropylene, giving them a real solid feel. Great latches and hinges. Well laid out compartments with individual lids. All sizes are ideal for nymphs and other smaller flies.


The Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide

Bestselling knot guide in the US! This knot guide features the 10 best fishing knots and folds out to a 12" ruler. Printed on durable, waterproof plastic cards.

SPUDZ Fishing Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth in Fishing Themed Prints

Spudz are the most convenient microfiber cleaning cloths for your outdoor experience. What makes Spudz so convenient is the design. Unlike other lens cloths, the Spudz lens cloth stays attached to the inside of a storage pouch.

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