Miss Mayfly Leads Fishing Industry In First Female Focused Sales Rep Force

Miss Mayfly Leads Fishing Industry In First Female Focused Sales Rep Force


A new innovative sales structure to increase brand awareness and product demand

 CHARLESTON, Tenn. – Aug. 12, 2022 – In the ever-expanding evolution of Miss Mayfly, Mayfly Sales Co is creating its first independent female salesforce to expand sales reach among a predominantly female demographic.

 The sales rep’s role will be to service existing retail accounts, create new accounts, and adequately ensure the satisfaction of their retail customers throughout the entire sales process and beyond. 

Although the reps are independent, developing this new pathway among women requires sales skill training and support which Miss Mayfly has provided.

 The female angling demographic functions within a social structure that is distinctive from existing sales norms in the angling industry. Likewise, establishing brand awareness, and thus growing and achieving sales also requires an alternative sales structure.

 “Independent female sales reps have been, to the best of our knowledge, non-existent in the Fishing Industry,” said Kimberly Ranalla, Miss Mayfly Founder. “Female anglers are in different social spaces than their male counterparts and reaching them requires an innovative approach.”

 Unlike standard rep roles, Miss Mayfly Reps will utilize a hybrid sales model which includes both grassroots and retail sales models.  

 Mayfly Sales Co Sales Reps will have a unique opportunity to plant seeds within the female angling demographic by networking on the ground with the prospected end-consumers. This tactic will increase brand awareness which will ultimately become the driving force for product demand within the retail sales model.

 For more information about Miss Mayfly, visit www.missmayfly.com


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